This publication briefly illustrates the development of tourism in the Maldives and analyses the overall performance and trends of the leading source markets to the country. In addition to all the available national tourism statistics for the past five years (2000 – 2004), the report contains some important highlights of the industry performance of Maldives in the preceding year. Explanatory notes are provided along with tables and figures, in order to make the data more comprehensive. Attempt is made to reflect the important role of the tourism industry played in the overall economic development of the Maldives .

The initial part of the report will present some vital facts about the Maldives followed by a brief profile of the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) and the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB).

The analytical part of the report consists of 10 major parts, namely; 1.Tourist accommodation, 2.Tourist arrival trends, 3-4.Major markets of main contributing regions, 5.Economic indicators of tourism, 6.Tourism highlights of 2004, 7.Statistical updates and additional tables, 8.Organization Chart, 9. Functions of the Ministry of Tourism and important contact details of different sections and, 10. Map of Maldives providing details on Tourism expansion and Tsunami affected resorts.